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Hier kannst du die X & Y Achse einstellen, also  die genaue End-Position definieren.
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Nach wievielen Sekunden soll das Popup angezeigt werden, nachdem die Seite geladen wurde ? Sekunden
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Popin automatisch nach einer bestimmten Zeit ausblenden?
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Next, we add some colors. If you're not sure about hex codes, click on the colored tile next to each option for a color picker; then copy the color code from the picker into the relevant box below.
Title bar background color:
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Popup window border color:
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You can have the hover ad popup each time the page is loaded, which can get mighty annoying to visitors, or alternatively, select a frequency timeframe below. 
Hover ad display frequency days hours min.
Enter the HTML code for the body content of your popup hover ad; some sample code is already below - delete it and add your own:

Vorschau ihres eben erstellten Popups (wird in einem neuen Fenster geöffnet)

If you're happy with the results:


Copy the code above and paste immediately below the <body> tag of the page/s where you want it to appear. 

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